Paint Scenes
7 scenes

Candle's Silver Shower
Added 8/22/14    4551 views
I just finished shooting a couple of clips that involved silver paint and the camera was rolling when I took a shower. The silver may have gone to my head, but I started to ramble while soaping up. If you ever wanted to learn about Roman history an...
Executor's Silver Transformation
Added 6/29/14    5769 views
Candle has finished clearing your deceased Aunt's estate and the only thing she could not sell was a silver spoon. You know she will take the spoon when she finds out that you are not going to pay her for her services and are secretly glad because o...
Golden Goddess
Added 12/21/12    4864 views
I just love young, nubile models and it is my dream to capture their youth and hold on to it forever. As an artist, I found a way to turn this dream into a reality and it seems as if a naive girl is born every minute. Isobel arrives for our modelin...
Whitney Frozen in Gold
Added 9/8/12    6565 views
Jacque Strap has invited Whitney to come to her studio under the premise that she is going to model for her. Her real plan is to paint her in a special gold paint that is going to freeze Whitney into a statue that Jacque can sell. Sometimes the pla...
Robots and Statues
Added 3/10/12    5888 views
Stella approaches Isobel, a statue and does not compute why she is not a robot like her. Using electrical charges, she jolts Isobel into movement. Unfortunately Stella cannot explain the concept of being a robot to Isobel, so she decides to get her...
Nikki and Candle Messy with Paint: Part 2
Added 2/7/11    9948 views    explicit
Nikki and Candle keep pouring the paint on eachother. By now they're both totally naked and their bodies are all slicked up with bright-colored paint. They're both getting horny and they start rubbing each other's pussy. The action gets super hot-...
Nikki and Candle Messy with Paint: Part 1
Added 1/28/11    7147 views
Nikki Masters and Candle are here to play with brightly colored paint. They begin pouring the paint over each other's bodies and inside their clothes, squealing because of the cold paint on their skin. The two girls rub their hands, breasts and bod...

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