Cream Scenes
8 scenes

Shaving Cream Pie Fest
Added 9/15/13    4323 views
I have all of these plates filled with shaving cream. Watch as I put them on my face and see how thick they get. The plate slides off to keep the surface smooth, although with a couple I want to rub them in circles. After each plate, I make little...
Giantess Cream Vore
Added 12/23/12    5688 views
Candle feels a little man crawling on her near her panties. This brat girl gets excited about this prospect and taunts him being dropped on her tongue, getting swallowed down her throat, and being digested by her giant belly. When there is one tiny...
Natalia Gets Messy For You
Added 8/13/11    14160 views    explicit
Natalia Chaplin loves everything about wet and messy--the taste, the texture, the way it feels on her skin. She starts by squirting some whipped cream in her mouth and then spreads some down her body. A bucket of cake batter begs to be put on her s...
Messy Mixed Grappling with Candle and Psymon
Added 1/13/11    3876 views
Messy slut Candle does some mixed grappling with her buddy, Psymon, covered from head to toe in whipped cream and shaving cream! They start out by squirting it all over each other to get nice and messy. Then, they roll around in the white, sticky m...
Fun With Shaving Cream
Added 12/12/10    6183 views
Candle Boxxx starts out looking pretty and perky like a college coed waiting to go to a movie. But she has a desire to do something new--something dirty! She has always been curious about 2 things--smoking and getting really messy. She decides tha...
Nicki Masters and Candle--Whipped Cream and Syrup
Added 11/28/10    6422 views    explicit
Nicki Masters and Candle Boxxx decide that they are going to have a whipped cream fight. They spray whipped cream all over their bodies and rub it into their big tits. Then they fill their panties with whipped cream and rub it in well. Next they...
Lola Lynn and Candle Play with Pie
Added 11/21/10    12337 views    explicit
The lovely Lola Lynn is curious about playing with pies and wants to be in charge as she and Candle play in the goo just for you. These two want you to watch and experience the fun with them as they get messy and cream each other. The pies are flyi...
Malloy Martini Shaving Cream Covered Smoke
Added 2/17/10    6430 views
Malloy is about to do something naughty. First, she's gonna smoke a cigarette. Then two at once. Then four at once! All hands-free. Then she's going to take a big bowl of shaving cream and cover her face with it. She lights more cigarettes and...

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